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The Finish Submachine Gun Suomi M/31 by Michael Heidler

Direct from Germany, hard cover book, signed by the author!

The "9.00 konepistooli M / 31", usually just called affectionately "Suomi", is the most well-known Finnish weapon of World War II. It still stands for outstanding quality and precision. And they taught the Russian invaders fear.  This book will give an insight into the history of this extraordinary weapon, from its development via the manufacturing through to its use in Winter War (1939 1940), Continuation War (1941 1944) and finally in Lapland War (1944 1945). It also describes the lesser known variations like the bunker- and tank-Suomi, the magazines and the accessories.  The majority of the wartime photos used in this book were never published.  English and German language in the same book.  96 pages with 270 illustrations.  $42

US Army Browning 50 Cal Manual, 1968, print date on last page states 1970, over 200 pages, new  $14.00

BREN Mk 3 Manual.  Original, Irish, Gaelic language.  Your choice of new or some are slightly used with ink stamp on cover(see photo).  $25 each, only 12 in stock.

Sten SMG Manual.  Carbine Machine Sten 9mm. Mk.II.  Reprint of manual dated Feb. 1942.  16 pages, text and pictures with descriptions of guns parts. Covers stripping, operation, assembly and disassembly.  $5.00

British L1A1 Rifle and L12A1 22 cal conversion kit manual.  This manual has numerous illustrations and text.  101 pages.  Original, collectible and rare, only 2 remaining.  Last of them direct from Britain.  New  $24.00

User manual for SUIT/Trilux scope.  Illustrations and text covering operation and parts description of the scope with mount.  Photo copy of original.  $3.00


Small Arms Identification Series #12, 7.62 mm L1 and C1 FAL Rifles, by Ian Skennerton.  48 pages, parts identification and lists, L1A1 and C1 series notes, exploded parts drawings, descriptions, accessories & fittings.  New $8.00


Gunplumber's guide to FN FAL Home Gunsmithing,  by Arizona Response Systems

Covers all aspects of building a FAL with your receiver and FAL parts kit. Includes tools, selecting and preparing parts; barreling and timing; adjusting headspace; tuning gas system for optimal performance; customizing; complete disassembly & reassembly, function testing and troubleshooting. Covers Inch, Metric, Israeli and Indian models. Shows the professional gunsmith how to build a rifle using the advanced tooling of a fully equipped machine shop, and also shows the home hobby gunsmith how to build a rifle with simple hand tools.  2 Volume digitally produced and edited high-density DVD Discs (over 5 hours). Workbook compliments DVD with technical specifications, home-made tool drawings, vendor listings, schematics, and much more. 250 pages. 

DVDs and Workbook $65

DVDs only, $33.00

Workbook only, $33.00

Original Colt Model O Armorer's Manual for 1911 Pistols.  52 pages, text and illustrations.  Includes disassembly, assembly, general parts fitting, maintenance.  New $10.00



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