FNFAL Lower Receiver and Buttstock Parts

Israeli parts are listed on our Israeli FAL Parts page.  L1A1 Inch/Commonwealth Parts are listed on our Inch/Commonwealth Parts Page. 


Buttpad, rubber, new. $15
Buttpad, rubber, used $10
Buttpad screw, specify short (Stg plastic butt), medium, or long 2 inch (if possible, specify length in inches when ordering). $3
Buttpad screw, medium, new, DSA (these are for a phillips screw driver instead of straight blade) $1
Buttpad screw lock washer   **only a few here $2
Buttplate, steel buttplate for light barrel wood buttstocks, this is the non-trapdoor version, new $20
Buttplate, steel, original Belgian made extended buttplate, 1/2 inch longer than standard.  Used.   **only 1 here $70
FNFAL Original Dutch Buttstock with Dutch Buttplate and Original Front Ferrule.  Only 2 in stock.  $265 per set.  Wood Dutch buttstock without ferrule, without buttplate $215  Buttplates are not currently available separate.  **email for pics of butts currently in stock

Buttplate for heavy barrel buttstock, includes buttplate which attaches to stock (it is new and missing the inner corner gusset on the inner plate) and used outer flip up plate.  Hinge pin not included, easy to make one.  Israeli Hebrew markings are on both halves.  Detent $11,  Spring for detent $2    ***almost gone, only 4 here


Buttstock, wood, original Israeli heavy barrel version, new  (this stock does not use the front ferrule and it requires the two piece flip up buttplate).  Assorted colors available.     $35

FNFAL Original Belgian Walnut Light Barrel Buttstock, new.  Utilizes early Israeli style swivel (can be inletted for the later 360 degree style swivel).  Non-trapdoor cut.  Front stock metal ferrule $15 extra.  Butts might have minor storage marks.  $200 each  **email for pics of current butts in stock

FNFAL Original Belgian Walnut Heavy Barrel Buttstock.  Needs repair on rear, otherwise nice shape, see pics $215

FNFAL lower tube for para stock, original FN Belgian manufactured, new.  Only 1 in stock.


ACE adapter to convert standard metric lower to ACE folding or standard stock, new.  Includes swivel, large bolt which attaches it to lower and two screws which attach the ACE stock.  Only 1 in stock.



Buttstock, black plastic, original Austrian Stg-58 stock, used.

$15 each

 10 butts for $100

Buttstock, humpback, synthetic, military, medium/standard length, no pad, good condition



Buttstock, humpback, synthetic, US made by Penguin, standard length, black, new. Has inletting for standard butt swivel.



Buttstock, humpback, synthetic, US made by Penguin, standard length, brown, new. Has inletting for standard butt swivel.



Front ferrule, for wood buttstock, parkerized, new


Swivel, for plastic or wood buttstock, 360 degree standard butt swivel, fits Imbel, Stg58. G1, South African, etc.  Does not fit Israeli.


Hammer, original metric hammer $12
Hammer pin, new $7
Hammer spring, new $4
Hammer spring rod (strut), new $9
Hammer spring tube $8
Joint or hinge pin, complete, both halves   $20
Joint or hinge pin, Dutch hinge pin with coin slot on each side, very rare, complete, both halves.  Only two here


Pin Locking Plate, original military part, stamped metal part that retains the hammer and trigger pins, excellent. $14
Pin Locking Plate, Earlier version with machine cut thinned sections, original military part, stamped metal part that retains the hammer and trigger pins, excellent. $20
Lock lever, horizontal, original military part, new, parkerized, covered with grease

Lock lever, vertical, original military part, excellent condition.


Lock lever small pin which engages with the locking pin.  This pin is for replacing an existing damaged pin on a lever or building a new lever.  New $5
Lock lever large pin which passes through both sides of the lower receiver and retains the lever.  This pin is for replacing an existing damaged pin on a lever or building a new lever, new $7
Lock (frame lock body or locking pin, has several names) $13
Lock index pin or guide pin $4
Lock spring new $3
Lock spring plunger new $5
Lock fastening screw new $4
Pistol grip, wood, US made, new.  Available in walnut (left grip below) or Beech (bottom pic) Ready to apply the stain or varnish of your choice.

Pistol grip, synthetic, black, original, good condition $5
Pistol grip, synthetic, black, made in USA by Dans Ammo, not cut for full auto swing of selector, new   only one here $18
Pistol grip, synthetic, black, made in USA by Century, new   only 1 here $10
Pistol grip, synthetic, black, made in USA by Century, new (small 1/4 inch cut at top, works fine) only one here $4
Pistol grip nut, later version with tapered slot end, works with pistol grip cleaning kit $7
Pistol grip nut, Stg, G1 or Israeli version with flat slot end $7
Return springs, inner and outer, original military spring set, new $25
Return spring plunger, new

Return spring tube, used, only 2 in stock $22
Return spring tube buttstock bolt $7
Sear, original imported part $6
Sear plunger, new $5
Sear spring (attaches to sear plunger), new $3
Selector, FAL original selector, limited quantity $50
Selector detent, new.  (round part which fits inside selector, clicks against notches in lower receiver). $7
Selector detent spring, new $2
Selector detent roll pin (original pin is solid, but these will work) 50 cents

For information purposes.  Photo credit: Kevin Adams, L1A1 Collector & Researcher, NEW ZEALAND

FNFAL Belgian made rare rear sight base, only one here.  We don't know what it is, but this is the only one we have seen.

Rear sight, complete rear sight for metric FNFAL, very good condition, with z spring. $58
Sight aperture, standard height aperture which will function properly on 700 meter Israeli base.  Only 2 here. $20
Sight aperture for rear sight, early style extra tall aperture, dated 54, Belgian, new  **only 2 here $60
Sight aperture for rear sight, Belgian, standard height, new in wrap   **2 here $25
Sight aperture for rear sight, Stg-58, Austrian marked  **2 here $25
Sight aperture for rear sight, used $19
Sight aperture retaining pin, new $4
Sight base for 700 meter rear sight, new, Israeli $11
Sight base insert for 700 meter rear sight, small steel plug with a 2 on it, new, Israeli $3
Sight Z or S spring, fits into bottom of sight base, ratchets against screws $6
Sight push button, new $9
Sight push button spring $2
Sight screw, original military screw $5
Trigger, original part $10
Trigger/Sear pin, new $5
Trigger plunger, new $6
Trigger plunger spring, new $3
Trigger guard, steel, refinished original trigger guard, looks new $12

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