FNFAL Barrel Assembly and Front End Parts

Israeli parts are on the Israeli FAL Parts page.  Inch/Commonwealth/L1A1 parts are located on the Inch/Commonwealth Page.  

Barrel Assembly/Front End Parts


Breeching washers(shims) to correct barrel timing and L1A1 breeching washers, new.  Please specify thickness needed, sizes available are .002, .004, .006, .008, .010, .015, .060.


Bipod, original Argentine FNFAL military bipod, similar to G1 or Stg bipod, fits bipod cut barrels, new


Bipod clam shell, Belgian, both halves, refinished, this is the double thickness bracket which clamps around barrel and the legs attach.


Bipod plunger, 4140 steel, parkerized, new.  Fits Belgian G1, BGS, etc. and early Stg.  2 needed per bipod.

$12 each

Smith Enterprises Vortex flashhiders for AR15, FNFAL(custom made, special order for Gunthings), AK47 and AK74. Manufactured from 8620 carburized and hardened steel, magnesium phosphate finish. All allow connection of Smith Ent sound suppressors. Spiral outer grooves allow easier removal of suppressor. See video for comparison to standard AR15 flashhider.  FNFAL $70, AK47 $70, AK74 $75.

Comparison video, https://youtu.be/i3dFnENc7iM

Flash hider, Belgian long, without screw and key, good to very good (these are right hand thread)  **approx 2 here


Flash hider, Belgian long, without screw and key, excellent refinished (these are right hand thread)  **approx 2 here


Flash hider, Belgian long, without screw and key, new (these are right hand thread)  **only one here


Screw for Belgian long flash hider  **only one here


Flash hider, Stg-58, four prongs, ribbed, unaltered full length, Austrian, very good


Flash hider, Stg-58, four prongs, ribbed, unaltered full length, Belgian marking, Belgian made for Austria.  Very good  *only one here


Belgian manufactured FNFAL Heavy Barrel coupler/combo device, new   ** 2 in stock


Belgian Short Combo device flash hider/muzzle brake, with Belgian marking and wrench flats in center location.  **limited quantity


Belgian Short Combo device flash hider/muzzle brake, with wrench flats in center location, no Belgian marking.


Gas Block, Argentine open ear light barrel gas block, refinished, excellent condition.


Gas Block, original Israeli heavy barrel gas block, new.  Gas block pin is $3 extra.  Email for a quantity price quote, approx 150 in stock.

$70 each

 or 10 for $600

Original Belgian heavy barrel gas block, new, but heavy cosmetic pitting on one side, no damage on functional areas.  Pin $3 extra.  Only 1 here   $80

Gas Block, FNFAL X8E2 trials rifle gas block.  Offset sight post, single ear.  Original from 1954 and extremely rare. Excellent, includes sight post. Only 2 in stock.  Gas block pin $3 extra.


Gas block retaining pin, new.  Specify if for standard light barrel or heavy barrel.  Diameter is the same, HB is longer.


Gas piston, made in USA, new   **only 2 in stock


Gas piston, metric, original military piston.


Gas piston, original Stg-58 Austrian with internal threaded end, metric.   **only a few here


Gas piston spring


Gas plug plunger spring, new


Gas plug plunger ring, the part that retains plunger in gas plug (slips on the end of the plunger and the plunger end is tapped with a hammer to rivet the end into the ring), new


Gas plug, for FN49 rifle (not FAL), original, new    *only two in stock


Gas regulator


Gas regulator spring


Gas tube, metric FNFAL pattern gas tube, original military tube, new


Gas tube retaining pin, parkerized, new


Gas tube nut, screws into upper receiver, holds rear of gas tube and carry handle, original, new


FNC Gas Tube, for the FNC 5.56 rifle.  Used, nice shape.  Only 3 in stock.  $70 each

FNC Handguards.  For the FNC 5.56 rifle.

Right side handguard half, metal with plastic.  Plastic is scratched, good condition.  4 here.  $40 each

Right side plastic only.  Excellent condition.  4 here.  $40 each

Left side metal only.  2 here.  $30 each

Handguard, walnut, for Belgian FALO heavy barrel, original, excellent condition, only a couple here.  $180

Handguard, walnut, for Belgian FALO heavy barrel, original factory second, only one here, new.  $120

Handguard, walnut, for Belgian FALO heavy barrel, original, wood in excellent condition, includes front support and U shaped clip (metal is used), only two sets here.  $350

FAL Handguards, steel G1 or Stg type handguards, used, missing both bushings for screw and missing the screw.  Pair, left and right side.


FAL Handguards, synthetic, bipod cut, black, made in USA by DSA with screw, new  **one pair in stock


FAL Handguards, synthetic, bipod cut, black, original Imbel handguards with screw, good condition


FAL Handguard retaining ring, otherwise known as handguard rear support.  Original metric, used.


Sight post, for FNFAL metric gas block, fit Imbels, South African, Austrian, FN, etc.  Available in 4 heights.  Height is identified by the number of dots on the sight.  Tallest is 4 dots, shortest is no dot or one dot.  Most guns use a 2 dot or 3 dot post.


Sight post, fits early Belgian open ear gas blocks, Israeli gas blocks, high open ear gas block Argentine models (does not fit standard metric gas block). new  Uses stamped metal one piece spring for $3, this is a different design than the metric post.  Sizes in stock;  negative 3, negative 2, positive 3, positive 4.  Stamped metal spring for this post $4.


Sight post spring for metric FAL


Sight post fixing plate/detent plate for metric FAL


Sling swivel band, for light barrel, Israeli marked   **only 2 here


Sling swivel screw, for barrel/front swivel, new


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