FNFAL and L1A1 Kits

Please consult the BATFE for official rulings before assembling a rifle.  Gunthings.com assumes no responsibility for kits or parts which are illegally used.  The locking shoulder controls headspace and the headspace measurement cannot be determined until the barrel is installed in your upper receiver.  If the locking shoulder included with your kit is not the size you need, we have all sizes of locking shoulders available for $33 each.  Tools to determine headspace are on our tools webpage.  We also sell the Gunplumber Arizona Response Systems workbook and DVDs which explain how to build the rifles, see the books webpage.



Imbel FAL Kit with original Imbel barrel, one magazine and blank firing device.  Manufactured in Brazil by Imbel for the Brazilian military and other countries, this FAL was produced under FN license using FN prints.  These kits have excellent bores and include all items in the photo.  Serial numbers match.  These are nicer than kits offered at other companies.  Bipod cut barrel is $20 extra.  Very limited quantity, these were imported long ago and can no longer be imported with original barrels.  $550.00



FNFAL G1 Kit with new US made barrel.  Manufactured by FN in Belgium for Germany in the late 1950s before Germany adopted the HK produced G3.  All kits have wood butts and a bipod.  The US made barrel has the original gas block mounted and is bipod cut to accept the included original bipod.  The barrel muzzle is threaded and will accept all FAL flash hiders and muzzle brakes which are left hand thread (if an Stg-58 flash hider is used, this kit would closely resemble an Austrian Stg-58 FAL).  The original G1 quick detach flash hider with bayonet lug is included, but the barrel is not lugged for the G1 flash hider.  The G1 flash hider could be retained by a pin or other method.  Locking shoulder will be included.  $700.00


Order a wood grip for your G1!  Pistol grip, beautiful new US Made FAL wood grip, available in walnut or beech (beech will match the Israeli furniture).  Ready for you to apply the finish of your choice, such as hand rubbed linseed oil.  They are limited production, look like original wood FAL pistol grips and show quality craftsmanship.  Also available for the L1A1.   $39.00


See Links Page for builders and refinishers.