Brad from visits Carbone Custom Firearms, Key West, FL.  FNFAL with BetaMag, Smith Vortex flash hider


FNFAL / L1A1 Tools, Books & Videos, Accessories

FAL Buttstock Tool, for removing the buttstock bolt and removing the return springs and/or buttstock.  Wear eye protection.  Made in USA by MLK Werks.


FAL pistol grip cleaning kit and oiler.  Original military part, very good condition.  Includes pull through bore cleaner.


Swiss Stg57 Cleaning Kit, excellent condition.  This kit is for the Swiss assault rifle, but will work to clean an FNFAL or L1A1.


FAL/L1A1 gas system tool, original military tool, only does gas system, not a sight tool.  **only 4 here



FAL gas system and sight tool, made in USA, new


L1A1 combo tool, Australian, original collectible tool, adjusts front and rear sights and more.


308 Win. Headspace gages for assembling FNFAL and L1A1 rifles.  Made by Forster.  Pair of gages, includes go gage or no go gage.  For detailed information on headspacing, please consult the Gunplumber's Workbook listed below.  It includes a very detailed description of how to assemble and headspace the rifle.  Locking shoulders, which control the amount of headspace, are listed on our FNFAL Upper Receiver Parts webpage.   $54.00

per pair

Gage pins for determining locking shoulder size on FNFAL and L1A1 rifles.  A set of 10 precision US made Vermont Gage gage pins in sizes .253, .256, .258, .260, .262, .264, .266, .268, .270, .273. The pins are 2 inches long, which makes them very easy to use. For more detailed information on headspacing, please consult the Gunplumber's Workbook listed below.  It includes a very detailed description of how to assemble and headspace the rifle.  Locking shoulders, which control the amount of headspace, are $33.00 each and usually in stock in all sizes.  


FAL Barrel Vise.  Lead inserts in steel channel form to barrel.  The lead inserts and barrel are held between two steel plates.  The vise can be held in a bench vise or bolted to the bench.  Also will work on other barrels, lead can be shaped to fit.

Gunplumber's guide to FN FAL Home Gunsmithing,  by Arizona Response Systems

Covers all aspects of building a FAL with your receiver and FAL parts kit. Includes tools, selecting and preparing parts; barreling and timing; adjusting headspace; tuning gas system for optimal performance; customizing; complete disassembly & reassembly, function testing and troubleshooting. Covers Inch, Metric, Israeli and Indian models. Shows the professional gunsmith how to build a rifle using the advanced tooling of a fully equipped machine shop, and also shows the home hobby gunsmith how to build a rifle with simple hand tools.  2 Volume digitally produced and edited high-density DVD Discs (5 hours). Workbook compliments DVD with technical specifications, home-made tool drawings, vendor listings, schematics, and much more. 200+ pages. 

DVDs and Workbook $65.00

DVDs only, $33.00

Workbook only, $33.00

Original British L1A1 Rifle and L12A1 22 cal conversion kit manual.  This manual has numerous illustrations and text.  101 pages.  Collectible and rare, only 7 here.  Direct from Britain.  New


Small Arms Identification Series #12, 7.62 mm L1 and C1 FAL Rifles, by Ian Skennerton.  48 pages, parts identification and lists, L1A1 and C1 series notes, exploded parts drawings, descriptions, accessories & fittings.


More on the Fabled FAL—A Companion to The FAL RIFLE, by R Blake Stevens, Deluxe First Edition, 2011, 272 pages, 343 illustrations

This book is intended as a companion to the recently reprinted three volume omnibus title The FAL Rifle, which comprises our original studies titled North American FALs (1979), UK and Commonwealth FALs (1980), and The Metric FAL (1981).

The book begins with a historical retrospective on the 50 FAL prototypes, with new information on ordered FAL models as produced by Fabrique Nationale (FN).

An in-depth high-echelon workshop repair manual for the FAL rifle, titled Manuel de réparation et d'entretien du FAL (Manual of Repair and Maintenance [Procedures] for the FAL Rifle), under the general FN classification OREA (Outillage de Réparation et Entretien d'Arme (Tools for the Repair and Maintenance of Arms), was produced but never published by FN. A complete English translation of this manual occupies the central ten chapters of this new book. Very logically laid out with an illustrated breakdown of all the parts within each component group, the manual first establishes a set of inspection standards, and then follows up with detailed repair and replacement procedures for each component, including unbreeching and breeching the barrel. The recommended specialist tools are depicted and named, and their purpose(s) are fully described and illustrated.

Next we revisit the story of how the FAL was redimensioned and redrawn for production in non metric countries, beginning with new material on the interesting prototypes produced by Canadian Arsenals Ltd (CAL), the arbiter of the inch measurement conversion programme. More new material follows on the Rifle Steering Committee, which originally comprised members from Canada, Britain and the United States, and later, after the US had dropped out and unilaterally adopted the M14 rifle, Australia. Information from various sources and new photographs of the US T48, which was considered by many as the logical replacement for the M1 rifle, are included.

The book concludes with an authoritative retrospective on metric and Imperial barrel threads, barrel interchangeability, and official rebreeching instructions for the Canadian C1/C1A1 and British L1A1; an illustration of the latest investment cast FAL components—including the new “Type 4” receiver—and a Bibliography.


Belgian Army FNFAL training rifle.  Original from Belgium, ID plate on stock.  Cocks, trigger, hammer and safety functions.  Made from metal, barrel is wood, 60 inches long.  Only one available.  Rifle is in Britain.  Contact Doug in Britain at 447438554972 or email Jane at and mention Doug's training rifle.  $1100 not including shipping to USA. 

Bayonet, Tubular style, for FNFAL rifles which have the Belgian/Imbel/South African type combo device flash hider on barrel. Includes scabbard, new.

FAL mag loader, new

Blank Firing Adapter, Imbel, for Belgian short combo device type flash hiders and possibly others.

Rhodesian Muzzle Brake.  Original rare accessory from Africa, attaches to Belgian short combo device type flash hiders or copies.  Only 3 available.

User manual for SUIT/Trilux scope.  Illustrations and text covering operation and parts description of the scope with mount.  Photo copy of original.


Rubber eyecup for SUIT scope, new

Trilux vial plug, precise reproduction, made in USA. Black anodized aluminum with O-ring and C-clip, new.  Does not include tritium vial.


LED Illuminator for Trilux SUIT sights, new

Israeli mag pouch, holds 2 mags, thick tan canvas, belt loops and hooks on back, excellent condition. 

FAL sling, new.  These are lighter weight and shorter than the L1A1 British slings, but use similar hardware.