Inch/Commonwealth Barrel Assembly and Front End Parts

Photo credit: Kevin Adams, Rifle, 7.62 mm, L1A1 Collector & Researcher. NEW ZEALAND

Breeching washers(shims), new.  Please specify thickness needed, assorted sizes: .005, .010, .015 and .060.  For an L1A1 you will need the .060 and may need to make it thinner or add thin washers to increase the thickness. $out of stock
L1A1 flashhider, five slot, Canadian   **only 3 in stock $25
L1A1 flashhider, five slot, British or Australian $25
L1A1 flashider key,  This is the round ring which fits in the slot on the bottom of flashhider and into key slot on barrel.  New $4
L1A1 flashider key retaining pin, new $2
Indian 1A Gas block with sight post and locking ring, good condition $25
Indian 1A Gas block without sight post, good condition $20
Gas block, good condition, L1A1.  Enfield and BSA in stock. Only a couple here. $40
FNFAL X8E2 trials rifle gas block.  Offset sight post, single ear.  Original from 1954 and extremely rare. New, includes sight post. Only 3 in stock.

Gas regulator $14
Gas regulator spring (ratchets against regulator) $4
Gas tube nut, used $14
Swivel screw for front swivel, new  (this is the Israeli slotted style which also fits L1A1) $3
Sight post $14
Sight post set screw for Inch front post, original with slotted head   **only 8 here $10

L1A1 Inch/Commonwealth and FNFAL Handguards


Photo credit: Kevin Adams, Rifle, 7.62 mm, L1A1 Collector & Researcher. NEW ZEALAND

Inch/Commonwealth Upper Receiver Parts

Bolt (breech block), L1A1, British, very good, complete with firing pin and extractor $125
Bolt (breech block), L1A1, Australian, new bolt with used internals, complete with firing pin and extractor. $125
Bolt, L1A1, Australian, new, stripped $85
Bolt, L1A1, British, very good, stripped $85
Bolt carrier, sand cut, L1A1. with rattail, British   **only 2 here $65
Bolt carrier, sand cut, L1A1, with rattail, Australian   **only 3 here $65
Bolt carrier rattail plunger new $4
Bolt carrier rattail plunger spring new $2
Bolt carrier rattail rivet new $6
Cocking/charging handle, complete folding L1A1 type charger, includes lug and lug retaining pin, very good condition $45
Cocking/charging handle slide only, no flipper lever(knob), no lug.  British markings or without markings.  (I need flippers(knobs), please email or call if you have them). $20
Cocking handle lug for L1A1, notch needs to be cut for retaining pin, new $10
Cocking handle plunger spring, new $4
Firing pin retaining pin new $5
Early L1A1 one piece firing pin, new.  They do not fit standard L1A1 bolts.  Sold as a rare collectible. 10 here

Locking shoulder, please specify size needed $30
Mag release $35
Mag release spring $3

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Inch/Commonwealth Buttstock and Lower Receiver Parts