Inch/Commonwealth Barrel Assembly and Front End Parts

Photo credit: Kevin Adams, Rifle, 7.62 mm, L1A1 Collector & Researcher. NEW ZEALAND

Breeching washers(shims), new.  Please specify thickness needed, assorted sizes are available such as .002, .005, .010, .015 and .060.  For an L1A1 you will need the .060 and may need to make it thinner or add thin washers to increase the thickness. $9 each
L1A1 flashhider, five slot, Canadian   **only 3 in stock $25
L1A1 flashhider, five slot, British or Australian $25
L1A1 flashider key,  This is the round ring which fits in the slot on the bottom of flashhider and into key slot on barrel.  New $4
Indian 1A Gas block with sight post and locking ring, good condition, only 1 here $40
Indian 1A Gas block without sight post, good condition, only 1 here $30
Gas block, good condition, L1A1.  Enfield and BSA in stock. Only a couple here. $40
FNFAL X8E2 trials rifle gas block.  Offset sight post, single ear.  Original from 1954 and extremely rare. New, includes sight post. Only 3 in stock.

Gas regulator $14
Gas regulator spring (ratchets against regulator) $4
Gas tube nut, good  $14
British black plastic handguards, left and right side, very good condition  **only 2 pairs in stock

See below photo, UK Plastics

Swivel screw for front swivel, new  (this is the Israeli slotted style which also fits L1A1) $3
Sight post, with allen head set screw, new $15
Sight post set screw for Inch front post, allen head type, new $2

L1A1 Inch/Commonwealth and FNFAL Handguards


Photo credit: Kevin Adams, Rifle, 7.62 mm, L1A1 Collector & Researcher. NEW ZEALAND

Inch/Commonwealth Upper Receiver Parts

Bolt (breech block), L1A1, British, very good, complete with firing pin and extractor $100
Bolt (breech block), L1A1, Australian, new bolt with used internals, complete with firing pin and extractor. $100
Bolt, L1A1, Australian, new, stripped $70
Bolt, L1A1, British, very good, stripped $70
Bolt carrier, sand cut, L1A1. with rattail, British   **only 2 here $65
Bolt carrier, sand cut, L1A1, with rattail, Australian   **only 3 here $65
Bolt carrier rattail plunger new $4
Bolt carrier rattail plunger spring new $2
Bolt carrier rattail rivet new $6
Cocking/charging handle slide only, no flipper lever(knob), no lug.  British markings or without markings.  (I need flippers(knobs), please email or call if you have them). $15
Cocking handle lug for L1A1, notch needs to be cut for retaining pin, new $10
Cocking handle lug retaining pin, new $2
Firing pin retaining pin new $3
Early L1A1 one piece firing pin, new.  They do not fit standard L1A1 bolts.  Sold as a rare collectible. 10 here

Locking shoulder, please specify size needed $30
Mag release $35
Mag release spring $2
Stripper clip top cover, original Canadian top cover.  Like new, except lower rear tabs have been removed.  Only one in stock. $100

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Inch/Commonwealth Buttstock and Lower Receiver Parts