Israeli rifles are mainly metric type parts, but certain parts are Israeli specific (such as gas plug, gas piston, gas tube, selector).  The below parts are authentic Israeli, unless indicated otherwise.  If we do not list a part you need, you may use metric parts from our metric pages, if it is a part which interchanges.  If you are not sure, email us for advice.

Israeli Barrel Assembly and Front End Parts
Israeli heavy barrel flash hider, new $24
Israeli bipod connector latch/limiting tab, new $15
Original Israeli HB bipod screw which attaches bipod center section to barrel loop, new  **approx 5 here $10
Original Israeli HB bipod      **only 3 here

Gas Block, original Belgian early gas block for standard barrel, uses short gas plug (Israeli will work, they are in stock for $20 new).  These gas blocks would be perfect for an Israeli light barrel build.  Gas block pin $3 extra.  Approx 6 in stock.

Gas Block, original Israeli heavy barrel gas block, new  Retaining pin is $3 extra.  Call for quantity pricing, approx 170 gas blocks in stock.

Gas block retaining pin new, specify for heavy barrel or light barrel.  The heavy barrel pin is longer. $3
Gas plug, original Israeli w/ markings, NEW $20
Gas regulator, original Israeli, NEW $18
Handguards for Israeli heavy barrel rifle, complete pair of handguards with metal and wood, without screw, new  *two pair in stock $35
Handguard wood for heavy barrel handguards (wood only, attaches to the steel shell), original, left or right side, new (price is for one side) $10
Handguard spacer, slide on gas tube, support for between the wood handguard sides, for heavy barrel.  Precision machined from aluminum and anodized black. $10 each
Screw to attach wood handguard to handguard metal liner, original Israeli screw, new (this is the short screw which enters the wood from the inside of the handguard metal portion(Four needed per side), it is not the screw which goes through the gas block to retain the pair of handguards on the barrel) $2
Sight post, fits early Belgian open ear gas blocks, Israeli gas blocks, high open ear gas block Argentine models (does not fit standard metric gas block). new  Uses stamped metal one piece spring for $3, this is a different design than the metric post.  Sizes in stock;  negative 3, negative 2, negative 1, positive 3, positive 4.  Stamped metal spring for this post $3. $12
Sight post locking spring for the above sight post, stamped metal spring, new   $3
Sight post adjusting tool, original Israeli, new

Sling swivel screw, for barrel/front swivel, for light barrel or heavy barrel, original Israeli screw, new $3


Israeli Upper Receiver Parts

Bolt hold open, original Israeli with identifying hole, new $40
Carry handle, original Israeli heavy barrel rifle, black plastic molded to parkerized metal, new $18

Original Israeli heavy barrel forward assist charging handle new with lug $55, Lug retaining pin $2 extra

Metric FAL bolt carrier with rattail, forward assist cuts machined into each side so it will function with the forward assist charging handle.  Serial numbers removed, black finish.  $70  **only 4 in stock

Extractor spring, for one piece extractor, V shaped spring, original Israeli, new   *only 4 here $10
Firing pin, two piece version, includes pin and head, original Israeli pin (head is Canadian), new $20
Magazine catch, Israeli, new (in the white, no finish) $15

Israeli mag pouch, no markings, used.  $7 each


Israeli Lower Receiver and Buttstock Parts

Detent for heavy barrel buttstock, exact reproduction of original, tool steel, hardened, parkerized, new $14
Spring for heavy barrel buttstock detent $2
Buttplate tube/bushing for heavy barrel buttstock detent, new $3
Buttplate for Israeli heavy barrel buttstock, includes buttplate which attaches to stock (it is new and missing the inner corner gusset) and outer flip up plate.  Hinge pin not included, easy to make one.  Israeli Hebrew markings are on both halves.



Buttstock, wood, original Israeli heavy barrel version, new  (this stock does not use the front ferrule and it requires the two piece flip up buttplate).  Assorted colors available.     $30

Pistol grip, wood, US made, new.  Available in walnut (left in pic) or beech (lower pic, shaped the same as a plastic grip).  Ready to apply the stain or varnish of your choice.  Beech matches Israeli wood with the correct finish.

Hinge pin with nut and washer, Israeli style hinge pin made in Florida by Mountain Man, nut and washer are original Israeli, new $55
Hinge pin nut, for Israeli style hinge pin, original, new $15
Locking lever, parkerized, new

Selector retaining clip, new $3
Sight aperture, original Belgian early tall aperture which is taller than Israeli but will work with medium to tall sight posts.  This will work with 600 meter bases and can be easily modified to function on the 700 meter base by removing material from the rear edge of the aperture, new $60
Sight base, 700 meter Israeli original, new $11
Sight base insert for 700 meter base, small steel plug with a 2 marked on it,  Israeli, new $3
Sight S or Z spring, fits into bottom of rear sight base, ratchets against screws  $4
Swivel loop (part which sling goes through) for butt swivel, does not have the dimples, new $3

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