FAL / L1A1 Receiver Wrench

We sell a similar wrench on the FAL Tools webpage.  It is crucial that the wrench only contacts the receiver at the appropriate areas (see arrows on diagram). The wrench must NOT contact the cocking handle rails, or around the gas tube nut hole. You will damage your receiver if the wrench is not properly made. Radius the inside edges to match the contour of the receiver. When properly fitted to the receiver, this wrench and the accompanying barrel vise enable a person to remove any receiver, or stub, and install barrels properly. If increased leverage is needed, slip a pipe over the steel wrench handle. DO NOT OVER TORQUE THE RECEIVER, YOU WILL DAMAGE IT. After the install, headspace must be properly adjusted using the correct size locking shoulder. Consult the ARS Gunplumber Videos and Manual we sell on our Books/Vids webpage for installation information. Applying tape to the inside wrench surface which contacts the receiver helps protect the receiver finish.